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We believe in standing out by taking a different approach. At Treehouse Cannabis Company our mission is to create the cleanest hemp products with honesty, authenticity, and originality. We use chemical and solvent free extractions conducted in house as a basis for all of our products crafted in the great state of Maine. We feel strongly about the health of our planet and keep every step in our production, packaging, and shipping to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

A Family Affair

The idea for Treehouse Cannabis Company started as a way to provide clean alternative products for myself and my family. The journey has been educational and empowering. We are honored to share our products with you (and your loved ones, pets too!)


Premium CBD OIL

True full spectrum CBD is the signature product from Treehouse Cannabis Company. We have combined the cleanest ingredients with chemical and solvent free processing to create a safe and effective tincture for your wellness needs. Treehouse full spectrum CBD is designed to optimize your wellbeing from the inside out utilizing naturally occurring cannabinoids preserved in our extraction process. This versatile oil can be used for you, your children, and your pets

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Made with minimal ingredients to ensure the highest quality, this mango butter and beeswax based salve is a luxury for your joints and muscles. We packed 500mg of locally-sourced CBD into an environmentally-friendly kraft paper tube in order to uphold our promise to both customers and Mother Earth. And the best part? This salve helps alleviate soreness, reduce pain, and aid recovery so you can get back to enjoying the activities you love!

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Health & Wellness

“I have been taking Treehouse CBD for a year and a half to support my recovery from physical training and a healthy lifestyle. The CBD tinctures absolutely improve the quality and duration of my sleep, which directly improve the recovery of my body and mind. With Treehouse I know I am getting high quality CBD produced with clean, natural processes and by a team that is passionate about their product and helping people. I would recommend this to any athlete looking to supplement their recovery.” – Ben


Our process is holistic and ethical

Treehouse believes in simple and minimal processing in order to preserve the natural effects of hemp while also practicing environmental ethics. In essence; we slow cook the hemp flower, leaves, and stems for a true full spectrum extraction into high quality MCT oil. We believe the more cannabinoids and terpenes retained in the extraction process will yield a more effective and holistic end result.

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