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The Treehouse Cannabis Co. Mission

We believe in standing out by taking a different approach. At Treehouse Cannabis Company our mission is to create the cleanest cannabis products with honesty, authenticity, and originality. We use solventless extractions conducted in house as a basis for all of our products crafted in the great state of Maine. We feel strongly about the health of our planet and keep every step in our production, packaging, and shipping to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

In the Press

What Makes Treehouse different?

“We strive to constantly push into uncharted territories to create unique products and separate ourselves within the recreational market in Maine. All of our products start with a solventless ice water extraction conducted in house and then we move the beneficial compounds from the plant into a high quality MCT oil.”

-Byron Malcom, Founder of Treehouse Cannabis Co.

On nights I take 1:1 oil my resting HR is lower, sleep quality is higher, and recovery rate is better…

Steph M.

Treehouse makes a responsible and terrific product line. The chemical and solvent free aspect is so necessary.


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