Funny Honey

Enjoy a nice spoonful of it, add to any food or beverage, cook with it…the versatility of Funny Honey is one of the reasons we love it so much!

Honey has been enjoyed for centuries as a natural source of nutrients that tastes like the sweet comfort of home. Its soothing qualities on the palette, combined with the calming effects of cannabis, have come together as Treehouse’s original product. Funny Honey is an experience unlike any other. Enjoy a spoonful on its own, or add it to your evening tea, and you will soon feel a sense of tranquility.

Like all of our products at Treehouse, Funny Honey is produced with solventless processing and from natural ingredients. We are fortunate to have access to local beekeepers in Maine whose missions align with our own. 

My Mints

Delicious, fun and easy edible that is discrete and can be taken with you anywhere. Perfect for taking the edge off your daily stress!

Here is a product you are sure to LOVE. Treehouse has developed a delicious, fun and easy edible that is discrete and can be taken with you anywhere. Best part? No melting or congealing when left in a hot car! Treehouse specifically developed My Mints to have a potency of 5mg/mint for incremental dosing so you can decide what kind of effect you are in the mood for.


THC oil can be consumed directly or added into your choice of food/beverage.

The cannabis tincture has been used throughout history due to its many benefits. For the consumer, tinctures offer precise and flexible dosing options. This becomes vital for microdosing and making adjustments based on individual needs and circumstances. Unlike other methods of consumption, tinctures offer convenience because no other accessories are required (such as papers, lighters, etc). Consumers also enjoy the discretion of smokelessness. Treehouse THC tinctures are made using high-quality hash oil infused through sustainable processes. Taken sublingually, THC oil is processed through your digestive system before getting into your bloodstream. This makes for one of the quickest methods of delivery when one is looking for fast relief!

1:1 Oil

1:1 Oil can be consumed directly or added into your choice of food/beverage.

Treehouse’s 1:1 Oil is one of the best-kept secrets in the world of cannabis. The 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC brings an entourage effect which is less intoxicating but still provides a powerful combination of cannabinoids. Many consumers reach for this product as a means of reducing stress and anxiety, increasing libido, and enhancing sleep quality.

About Our Products

Extraction Techniques

We use solventless extractions for all of our products

  • No chemicals or solvents ever touch the cannabis in our products
  • All extractions done by hand for a true hand crafted product, we are not using automated machinery.  This allows for more personalization and care of the final product.  To us, our products are not simply numbers on spreadsheets.
  • All extractions are performed in house utilizing two extraction techniques; ice water extraction and direct infusion

Ice water extraction into a direct infusion = clean processing

  • Ice water extraction :: We use the cooling created by ice and water to remove cannabinoids from the plant to create hash.  We then use the hash in our direct infusion to make a tasty hash oil.
  • Direct infusion :: Very simple time and temperature infusion into high quality MCT oil.  We use predetermined ratios of cannabis and MCT oil, add heat, and let time and temperature do its thing.  

Whole Plant + Full Spectrum Products

Whole plant extractions for a true full spectrum experience

  • Whole plant extractions :: We use the whole plant, minus the stalks and fan leaves in our extractions.  This means cannabinoids in the flower, leaves, and stems are extracted and used in our final products to achieve the full potential of the cannabis plant.

Full spectrum cannabis products

  • Full spectrum cannabis products :: Because we use whole plant extractions and minimal processing with no chemicals or solvents our products are all full spectrum.  What does this mean?  Full spectrum products contain the full potential of the plant by combining all the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavinoids, and any other beneficial compounds to work together.  Therefore full spectrum products preserve the entourage effect, meaning the positive effects generated by these chemical compounds working together is more powerful than the compounds isolated and individually working alone.  What does this mean for the consumer?  Full spectrum products will generally yield a better experience and potentially have stronger medicinal and therapeutic effects.

Clean/Natural/Quality Products

We hold ourselves accountable for what we put into our products

  • Quality ingredients = quality products
  • We invest time and thought into our recipes and into which ingredients are used in our products to keep things as health conscious and natural as possible.
  • We source the highest quality ingredients we can find, we do not sacrifice cost for low quality ingredients.
  • We source our cannabis from local cultivators who use clean methods for growing and produce top quality flower.  We strongly believe the quality of the cannabis being used has a direct correlation on the final product.  Quality in equals quality out.  It would be easy to cut costs and still meet our potency needs, but we feel strongly about producing the best products we can.  Why? Because we like to enjoy our products too and are conscious about what we put into our bodies.
  • We source raw honey from local beekeepers located in the midcoast of Maine.  The same bees that create this honey are also out helping pollinate surrounding farmers fields and vegetation.  We enjoy this sustainable relationship and pride ourselves on supporting local beekeepers who in turn help sustain our environment.

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