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The Journey

“The journey of Treehouse Cannabis Company started as a way to create clean and safe hemp products for myself and my family.  I sought to find products that were more affordable and provided transparent background information.  With some ingenuity and creativity I started to develop a method which I felt utilized the full power of the hemp plant while keeping the product as safe and simplistic as possible.  As somebody who has always gone against the grain I also wanted to offer an alternative to the extraction methods currently in place within the industry.  With lots of patience and testing I’ve crafted an ecologically friendly process with proven results.  Hence, Treehouse Cannabis Company is proud to offer products we believe in and stand by.”

-Byron Malcom, Founder and President


Local Organic Hemp

Treehouse Cannabis Company does all processing in house utilizing chemical and solvent free extractions.  Our process starts with sourcing MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association) certified organic locally grown Maine hemp.  We process the hemp flower, leaves, and stems with the highest quality MCT oil we can find to utilize a very simple time and temperature direct infusion.  Being a true full spectrum extraction this encourages the entourage effect to help enhance the positive effects of the hemp.   We do not use isolate or distillate in the creation of our products.  No chemicals, no solvents, minimal impact on our earth.


Fintness Enthusiasts, Unite!

Physical and mental health is a huge part of our mission at Treehouse.  Our products are crafted to support the adventurers within us.  The ones who use their bodies to fuel the Earth and their own wellbeing.  For those curious about using our oils to stay in balance, feel free to contact us directly.  We are happy to share our recommendations with you!


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